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Meet the Team

Karen Galway (co-chair)
Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast
More About Karen Galway
Siobhan O’Neill (co-chair)
Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland
More About Siobhan O’Neill
Colette Ramsey
PhD Student, Queen's University Belfast
More About Colette Ramsey
Lisa Arcibald
Coordinator, Family Voices Forum
Lisa Arcibald
Aideen Maguire
Lecturer, Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University
More About Aideen Maguire
More About Margaret McLafferty
Research Fellow, Ulster University
Margaret McLafferty
Trisha Forbes
Postdoctoral Researcher,Queen’s University Belfast
More About Trisha Forbes
Claire Curran
Chairperson, Family Voices Forum
More About Claire Curran
Shane O’Donnell
PhD Student, Queen’s University Belfast
More About Shane O'Donnell