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The Queen’s Partnership Project

student partnership

What is ‘Student Partnership’?

Student partnership is a true and meaningful relationship between our staff and students, where students have a joint role and voice in the quality of their education. 

The purpose of the Queen’s University Partnership Project is to describe our approach to student engagement and define the opportunities for working in partnership to further develop and enrich the learning experience, based on constructive dialogue between our students and staff.  We want to provide an educational experience that is innovative, interactive and engaging. We want to embed a culture of active learning and teaching that motivates, challenges, and inspires.

The University Student Partnership Framework Document  will support our staff and students in achieving this.

Student Partnership Values

An open and constructive dialogue

Mutual respect and responsibility

Students and staff as co-creators and collaborators

Agreed goals resulting in visible change

Current Partnership Arrangements

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Find out more about Current Partnership Arrangements 

Enhancing the Partnership

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See our priorities for next year