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OLIVER Project

The OLIVER project (Optimised Laser welding Implementation Via Enabling Research) is funded by Innovate UK under “Game Changing Technologies for Aerospace”, proposes to translate ongoing, world-leading research in the laser welding of titanium, into the UK aerospace supply chain; creating the next generation of aerospace manufacturing solutions, and enhancing the cost effectiveness and affordability of advanced titanium assemblies.

The OLIVER Project is a collaboration between 7 partners; CAV Systems, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, The Welding Institute, Queen's University Belfast, IPG Photonics, TISICS and Leonardo MW.

The partners bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in laser welding and supporting technologies, alongside OEM input and case studies to ensure the industrial relevance of the project. OLIVER is aimed at creating increased knowledge and manufacturing capability in the application of laser welding for titanium structures, embracing key enabling technologies; laser welding, adaptive fixturing, NDT, automation, integrated design and manufacturing processes, and digital maufacturing.

Laser welding image courtesy of TWI

Image courtesy of TWI Ltd‌