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LOGO: Queen's University Belfast

Early Career Researchers

Dr Dominic Farsi, Queen's University Belfast

Dominic is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Health. Prior to joining Queen’s, Dominic completed his PhD at Northumbria University, where he investigated the effects of replacing red and processed meat with the meat alternative mycoprotein (Quorn) on gut health. His previous research has also explored the changes in body composition and cardiometabolic disease risk following a spinal cord injury.

Ms Nicola Ward, Queen's University Belfast

Nicola is a PhD student at Queens University Belfast. Her main research interest revolves around how we can use lifestyle modifications to help combat chronic diseases. Currently focusing on the role of diet and physical activity in undernourished older adults and their impact on cognition. Nicola's previous projects have explored the neurological side of obesity, analysing the efficacy of novel weight loss technologies and investigated exercise and supplementation strategies for blood glucose metabolism regulation, muscle oxidative capacity, insulin sensitivity and glycaemic control. Nicola has an extensive professional history within the fitness and wellness sector, alongside 10 years management and service experience.

Ms Rachel Reid-McCann, Queen's University Belfast

Rachel is a third year PhD student at the Centre for Public Health, QUB and her research focuses on the role of a healthy diet in the muscle health of older adults. Her PhD project will involve analysing data to explore whether adherence to the PROMED diet and exercise programme can improve muscle mass, strength, physical performance and quality of life in a subset of PROMED-EX participants.

Ms Christina O'Neill, Queen's University Belfast